The Pox Trilogy

It’s been a while, I hear you say, but I’m sure you only had two kids. What’s with the trilogy?

March has most definitely lived up to its reputation – madness has reigned. Bimble turned two, and switched on the tantrums accordingly. Both girls have, as the title suggests, had chicken pox – a delightful experience that has taught me that you never really know your own personality (warts and all) until you become a parent. We all know and remember the spots and itching that are the chicken pox trademarks but my two darlings embraced another common symptom of this truly horrid disease: irritability. Neither is ever far from a good screaming sesh but they have both used the pox opportunity to its fullest, day and night, leading to an overtired and overwrought mummy and daddy.

And that’s where the trilogy comes in. We had Chicken Pox (Bumble), then Chicken Pox: The Sequel (Bimble) and now, with everyone pretty much back to nursery (or, in my case, laying in a darkened room trying to last until lunchtime before cracking open a bottle of red) we have Chicken Pox: The Phantom Menace (Bimble again). Despite being fully ‘scabbed’ (emergence of great new adjective in our lives) Bimble seems to have forgotten that irritability is a symptom of an illness now passed. She’s dovetailed the pox experience with her new status as a two year old and is now communicating through the medium of tantrum.

Now, I’ve never really got into the current trend for abbreviations, text-speak etc, but: OMG. Actually, no, this situation warrants an ‘OMFG’. OMFG can she tantrum. She’s fluent in this newfound language, with most sessions lasting anything up to an hour. It’s exhausting just watching, let alone having to listen and offer the occasional (refused) cuddle too.

I’m sure the poor little mite is still feeling a bit rubbish and wants to let us all know what it feels like to have the pox and all that goes with it.
I’m just glad that, whilst waiting for her to kick it out, I’ve discovered some really excellent blogs that make me feel somewhat human again (check out and inspired me to start writing it all down again.  Poor you!


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