If you can fill the unforgiving minute…

My problem is, I have an unforgiving number of things to do and not so many minutes available. Since I’ve been back at work I am beginning to realise that my life is, usually, spent rushing around, often trying to get things done for other people.

This morning, after packing the kids off to nursery for a couple of hours I have loaded the car with half the content of the house in preparation for our first camping trip of the year. My concerns about the night time temperatures have led to an over-abundance of children’s clothes and fleecy blankets being packed. Hopefully, as is my duty and responsibility, I will have thought of, and mitigated against, absolutely every eventuality. No pressure.

I now have about 20 minutes to spend doing something nice (like blogging)…before I am off again to collect the eldest, take her to a quick (hopefully) hospital appointment, give her lunch, head back to nursery for the little one and, once all loaded, teddies in arms, drinks and snacks in little sweaty fists, head off for our exciting trip.

Sleep wasn’t exactly in fashion again last night (smallest member of the household is teething) so all I really want to do is curl up in a little ball. Somehow, I suspect all of us in the ams tent isn’t going to make for an especially quiet or sleep-filled mini break, but, such are the joys of parenthood.

On the positive side…(I promised, you see)…I have finally realised that the only way to drink coffee is out of a large, insulated travel cup (which I am doing, despite no travelling yet having taken place). And, to boot, I am typing this on my lovely little macbook Air. Which I love. And which the children have absolutely no idea even exists. Long may that continue.

Happy Easter everyone, I hope you find the chocolate eggs before your kids do (there are some guilty pleasures we adults really should preserve for ourselves…)

Mummyem xx


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