One less thing to pack…

Holiday preparations are underway. With the chaos of the little people being added to the mix, I have started at least a week before we fly. Although we are going to a very family-friendly resort, and I’m hoping there will be no shortage of fresh fruit and veg which will be perfect for the littlest little one to eat, I am still arming myself with a range of food pouches. It just seems the least stressful approach to me but it takes up valuable space in the suitcase and I have a faint worry that we will arrive and unpack only to find our clothes soaked in a wonderful vegetable medley.

I’m so glad I’m breastfeeding at a time like this. It’s a whole lot less worry not having to use local water to mix with formula, find space for those gigantic formula tins in the case, or worry about cleaning and sterilising bottles and it (hopefully) gives me something to use to our – and all the other passengers – advantage on the plane. I have heard feeding during take-off and landing helps babies to avoid popping ears and it’s obviously a good distraction and general comfort should we need it.

I’m adjusting my expectations regarding any relaxation and rest that might be available while we are away, My last blog post did indeed jinx our lovely long sleep-filled nights. Number two is now waking every couple of hours and seems to be favouring much earlier mornings than she used to. Couple that with number two continually waking before 6am and you have two very tired parents.

So basically, the littlest of us has one new toy (to be produced for novelty factor on the plane) and two boobies to keep her amused. The biggie smalls has one notepad, one pack of crayons, one set of ink stamps (I’m thinking this could get interesting as a planeload of people arrive at their destination sporting horse and bumblebee tattoos on their hands – she’s big on inclusion, our toddler…), one ‘read and build’ book and duplo combo and a plethora of funny shaped snacks and treats. And all of our fingers and toes are crossed for at least some peace and quiet…..


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