Variety is the spice of life…(or the best laid plans?)

There’s no doubt about it, these little people that we are so keen to welcome into our seemingly mundane or incomplete lives certainly know how to liven things up and keep us on our toes.

I don’t think I would categorise either of my girls as ‘bad sleepers’ but number two is certainly taking some time to settle into any sort of a routine. In fact, she’s pretty much all over the place. Rather than gradually dropping feeds as she grows bigger and is eating more and more solids, she is, in fact, adding extra ones. Just lately there has been the 9pm feed and many a night of two hourly wake up calls. It’s frustrating and exhausting and I keep having to remind myself (often aloud even when there’s no-one about to offer tea and sympathy) that everything is a phase. For the last three nights she has dropped back to one wake up call a night, firstly at 2.30am, then 3.30am and, last night, 4.30am. And look how nonchalantly I just dropped that bombshell into the blogosphere…

But of course, to make anything more of it will surely be to jinx it. Before I know it, I will be waking up almost hourly to feed again. No, there’s been too many chickens counted so this time I am taking each night as it comes and not allowing myself to wonder whether this is the start of her gradually stretching out to those elusive, halcyon nights of ‘sleeping through’.

Weaning is going well and she is now on three meals a day, most days. There is still a fair amount of food ending up in the bin or up the walls but we seem to finally be making a connection between feeling hungry and eating. Although the boob still holds a special place – it’s those bedtime and nighttime feeds that continue being special for the longest time – she would prefer to eat food now and is definitely hungry enough for more than milk.

I’m glad things are starting to settle as we are off to Turkey for a week soon and I would dearly like there to be some element of routine, at least while I don’t have my home comforts around me. I’m looking forward to there being lots of lovely fresh fruit which I will be able to use to continue weaning (although I will, quite unashamedly, be going with stocks of Ella’s Kitchen pouches just in case) and I will also be wielding the boobs at every given opportunity. In an appropriate manner you understand…I’m hoping I can put them to good use during the flight for example. What else could I be referring to? After two children in two years, my days of sunbathing in anything less that a Victorian swimming costume are gone…


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