The last push…

Weaning continues apace – hence the slight drop-off in blogging activity. My day is seriously foreshortened given that I now need to build in mealtimes for madam – which currently aren’t at the same time as the rest of us for various reasons – nursery runs, naps, early bedtimes and so on. We’ve managed to establish breakfast and lunch and I’ve just introduced dinner this week but I still haven’t really noticed a drop off in boobie calls. In fact, our night time patterns are currently getting worse again with a call for milk every two hours some nights.

I suppose it’s unrealistic to expect a dramatic impact from the food – after all how many calories does pureed fruit and veg really have? I guess for another month or so at least, the bulk of the nutrients and goodness for my little one will still be provided by my milk. I often hear people saying that breastfed babies are not good sleepers but I am still keen to maintain the feeding for the time being. I feel as though this is the last push – the return leg of my breastfeeding journey, never to be repeated as I know I won’t have any more babies.

I stopped feeding my first daughter at around seven or eight months in preparation for my return to work and her enrolment at nursery. However, she dropped all her daytime milk feeds shortly before she went to nursery and I wonder whether, if number two does the same, I could continue feeding right up to one year and thus avoid formula entirely. I guess it depends how the next couple of months go – my eldest was on the 75th centile for weight gain and was a voracious feeder. I was pretty much exhausted by the time I handed over to the bottle and needed to start to get my energy and body back. It’s always an emotional decision when you decide to give up feeding and there are many factors that come into consideration.

This time round, my little one isn’t quite as demanding, sitting at around the 50th centile and feeding for much shorter periods as well as not seeming to need to be fed into a deep sleep at bedtime. Potentially there is an element of second child behaviour here as the poor little thing often has feeds interrupted when number one demands my attention and simply can’t cluster feed for hours in the evening and before bed as I have another bath and bedtime routine to get on with.

We are off the Turkey for a week in the sun in October and I am glad I will still be feeding at that point. Partly because I suspect it might come in handy on the plane as a comforter and also because it saves all the faffing at airport security with bottles and formula.

I can hardly believe that I am already considering when the end point will come – it seems only a short time ago that I started this blog and was eagerly awaiting the arrival of our little addition to the family. Despite the tiredness that it brings, I must therefore try hard to make the most of all the night feeds and remember that, in a flash, this phase will pass and I will only have my memories to fall back on.


2 thoughts on “The last push…

  1. Just a responce to babies who are breast fed are poor sleepers. I would have to disagree there. My 2 were breast fed until 11 (eldest) and 9 months (youngest) and sleep very well now. Maybe not for the first 7 and 9 months. But since then they both go down at 19:30 and 19:00 and sleep through til about 0630-0800 depending on child or activity they have done! Hang in there. Weaning i found didnt make much difference to sleep pattern until they were well establised on food.
    Plus Even if you have to go back to work you maybe able to still do a morning feed and night feed?
    Good luck with the weaning. Xx

    • Hi George, I completely agree I think the sleep pattern of a child is down to them as individuals rather than how they are fed. Our eldest is a pretty good sleeper now too. There seems to be a false impression that formula somehow fills them up more.
      Good to know about your experiences though, we will persevere. Am planning to try to continue the morning and evening feeds once I have gone back to work. Just depends whether she needs anything in between time as I seem to struggle to express… Thanks for the feedback xxx

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