Menu Envy

Having reached the ripe old age of six months, my little one seems to be embracing weaning with gusto. Although I have days where I feel that all I do is mash things up and then, five minutes later, scrape them into the bin, for the most part she is quite excited by the prospect of food and hasn’t really completely refused anything. It’s nice (for me) that, after meal times she still has a definite appetite and enthusiasm for milk – I guess to her, the boob is the thing that satisfies her hunger. Food is an interesting development in her short little life, the importance of which she can’t begin to understand. So, until she makes the link between hunger, food and satisfaction, I get to experience the excited kicking and mouth opening and shutting in the manner of a little baby bird for a little longer.

My body seems to be reacting to the weaning too – almost as if it has menu envy, my milk supply seems to have gone bananas. There’s loads of the stuff, which is handy because, despite her now consuming two “proper” meals a day, she is extremely hungry at the moment – I think I remember there being a growth spurt at six months which must be what’s behind the extra supply being shipped in.

My two year old is showing a lot of interest in the weaning process – at first sight of us spooning goop into the little one’s mouth she looked horrified. I guess in her mind, the baby is just that – a baby – she doesn’t understand that soon there will be another walking, talking, eating person just like her. I encouraged her to feed her dolly this morning while I gave the newbie breakfast. At first I couldn’t understand why she wanted to go to the lounge to do this and not stay in the kitchen with me but when I went to take a peek a few minutes later, there she was, assuming the position on the sofa, cushion on lap, dolly laid across it ready for ‘bot bot’, or boobie milk as you and I might know it.

I love the fact that my little girl ‘feeds’ all her dollies and teddies. She has cow’s milk now – in a bottle – but it doesn’t occur to her that her babies would have anything other than boobie. This morning’s experience was even accompanied by a conversation about special breastfeeding clothes. Unusually at her age, she was wearing a button under top beneath her dress and, having struggled to lift the dress high enough to feed dolly, she was then completely stumped by the button-under. She looked at me quizzically and said “need mummy top” pointing at my easy access t-shirt. There’s a range that might fill a gap in the market – breastfeeding clothing for toddlers!!!


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