Location, location, location

It’s New Carpet Day. I feel justified in using capital letters for that statement as, for me, new carpet is a Big Thing. And I have been really noticing how much ours is in need of a change since I have been putting my little (apparently sterile) bundle down on the old stuff and watching her roll around and face plant.

So I’m writing this blog entry from a tiny corner or the dining room, where there is enough of a critical mass of sofa and scatter cushions to create a comfy space. Little one is sleeping and, when she wakes, I guess we will head out as there’s not really anywhere else to go until the carpet is laid and the furniture has come in from the patio…

This weekend saw lots of family gallivanting… and al fresco feeding to go with it. Most adventurous of all our locations was the top of the open-topped bus tour in the New Forest. We felt a little guilty as locals doing such a touristy activity but it was fun even despite our (nearly) two year old (and oh my, can you tell what age she is at the moment) terrorising the other passengers with her tantrums and terrifying us with her scampering about on the open top. It was incredibly blustery up there, which the little one wasn’t keen on – I was trying to keep her head covered with a muslin cloth and, after much fighting (with her and the wind) she did the sensible thing and settled down for a feed. Now she’s not one for long feeds, sometimes only popping on for literally a few minutes so when she was still latched on after about ten minutes, I checked to see whether she had fallen asleep. No chance, the little monkey was wide awake, half latched, half lapping like a kitten, tucked nicely out of the wind and giving me a smile as if to say “I’m not leaving the boob til you get off this bloody bus!”

Eventually, and much to the delight of everyone else who had been listening to our toddler shout “get OFF, get OFF” for the last twenty minutes, we disembarked for our picnic in Barton-On-Sea. We found a nice shady spot, if less than salubrious, on the grass between the road and the cliff edge so we had views of the sea. It did what it needed to and, as we had decided to let our children be free spirits for the day (one in a sling and one walking/being carried on shoulders, wasn’t a long walk away from the bus stop. It ticked all the boxes for us and we settled down to our picnic. After her puree and some boob, our little one was having a roll on the picnic mat and decided to make her way, unnoticed, over to some pitta bread. Next time I checked she was munching her way through the corner of it – I guess that’s what they call baby-led weaning…luckily only a week away from me feeding her all the food groups anyway so, hey-ho. How relaxed we are second time around!


2 thoughts on “Location, location, location

  1. I love your blog Emma. I don’t often comment but I so enjoy every read. Your sense of humour is lovely; I can totally imagine your LO rolling over and over the munching on pitta. Darcy is not far off that – she’s getting the roll perfected as we speak. Hope all is well with you and Nathan.

    • Ahh, Lee thanks for the lovely feedback. I am really enjoying writing the blog so it’s great to know people are still reading! Loved seeing your pic of Darcy looking at the computer, they are so attracted to all things technical at such a young age!! All the best to the three of you and we hope to be back to visit some time in the future xxxx

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