More eye-watering than mouth-watering…

With energy levels and general interest in her surroundings on the increase, feeding my little one is becoming more like sports day than a relaxing breather. If I’m not contending with flailing arms and legs being braced to push against whatever is nearby, I’m gently trying to explain that “that” is attached to mummy so spitting it out of your mouth before whipping your head around to look at whoever has just entered the room would be much appreciated…

The other day, whilst trying to feed in a busy coffee shop, my little angel had one foot braced in my armpit and was playing something akin to swingball with the buttons on my top. Talk about attracting attention. I’m not one for being embarrassed about feeding in public but I usually try to stay under the radar whilst doing so. Not on that occasion! And then, almost as a grand finale, yesterday we had a bite. Except I’m not sure I can legitimately call it that as there are still no teeth present. But it was a definite clamp. And it hurt. I shouted, she looked a bit shocked and then a bit peeved as the boobie went away. I’ve heard various tips on how to stop babies biting, the main one being to push them into the breast so that a lack of air forces them to release their grip. I’m not blessed in the boob department – I’d have to go some to smother her with mine (!) so I resorted to making it known that I wasn’t happy and then withdrawing the feed, in the hope I can teach her that when there’s biting, there’s no boobie. Hopefully I won’t have to find out if it’s worked or not…


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