Sleep dust…our goodnight feed

I’m currently sitting in a pitch black room with an incredibly wide-awake baby. She’s had her fill of milk and was trying to chat and smile so I have had to be strict mummy and cut out the daylight and the eye contact as I am due my dinner too and I won’t get it at this rate.
I’ve downloaded a great (and free) night light app for my phone which is giving just enough light for me to check how awake she is every now and again.
There’s a bit less bracing of the legs and flailing of arms now. Her breathing has settled and she’s doing 5 sucks and then resting, 5 sucks then resting. This is the best feeling, so relaxing and comforting as I feel her finally let go of her day. The rests between sucks are getting longer so I need to think about unlatching her and taking her to her cot. It’s very hot and very bright outside of this room so I need to get my timing right. Hopefully the sleep dust will have done its job.
Wish me luck….


3 thoughts on “Sleep dust…our goodnight feed

  1. Hey mummyem

    My little boy is getting to this stage too FINALLY! In the previous 4months it was a constant screaming battle, getting him to drift off slowly to sleep, most nights involved Edward screaming for a good 30mins before he exhausted himself and fell asleep, now it’s like a different baby has moved in! He finishes his milk on me and then with the aid of a musical lullaby sheep, he drifts off and has sweet dreams. I love how settled he has become. Thank you for your blog keeping me sane through these long late nights
    Kind regards Gemma and Edward

    • Ahh Gemma, that’s lovely. So satisfying when you have got him to this lovely, safe, comfortable place. We have just discovered that the comfort of a muslin cloth helps with drifting off. Bless them, so cute. Xx

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