Mixed feelings

Well it’s been a week of ups and downs really. I found out that my little bundle had a really good weight gain during the last month or so, a triumph made all the more pleasing due to the extreme weather conditions we’ve had. She’s not only managed to stay hydrated purely through my milk, but the little monkey has even moved up slightly towards the next quartile line. Yay, my own little personal victory for boobie milk.
She’s also been gradually pulling forward her bedtime and is now very clear about wanting to feed for a good half hour before she goes to sleep. But the nice thing is she seems to understand that this is dinner time, time to take on some good supplies which, hopefully, with time and a bigger tummy, will lead to her stocking up sufficiently to get through the night. However, this new development has been slightly tinged by the nights that hubby isn’t home in time for the bedtime routine: I clearly can’t divide myself in two and, without my undivided attention and her allotted half hour of boobie time, madam screams herself silly. This then leads to a complete refusal to feed, a stressed out mummy and grumpy number one child who doesn’t really get enough attention either. Grrrr…. I don’t want my nice peaceful bedtime feeds to be so negative. It now feels like an exercise in getting her to sleep once I finally manage to calm her and get her to latch on. Such a contrast to our lovely daytime feeds at the moment where, being so much more interactive now, she takes little breaks from sucking to grin or even gurgle some little words at me.
Tonight i am writing my blog on my iphone for the first time. If it appears and all is well, i plan to “celebrate” my new-found technical expertise by publishing some more frequent posts during next week in honour of world breast feeding week 2013.

Fingers crossed…if you are reading this then it worked. If not, I am silently cursing and trying to remember what I wrote to blog it again… :-/


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