Phew! Well, we have all been saying we wanted a bit of a summer. We’ve made some rookie parent mistakes over the past couple of weeks – even though we have a nearly-two-year-old, we haven’t really seen good weather during her lifetime yet so we are cutting our teeth this year. It’s good to know before we jet off abroad that toddlers don’t know when to slow down in the heat so they invariably become a pink-cheeked tantrumy monster by the afternoon! Luckily, our number two daughter is a little more straightforward although I am acutely aware that I need to keep her well topped up with milk to make sure she stays hydrated. I’m drinking gallons every day but still don’t feel I am as hydrated as I could be by the time evening comes. I would imagine, though, that like every other situation regarding mums and their babies, the little one is getting plenty of what she needs, with my poor body coming second. No complaints from me though, just good to know everything is working the way it should be, we have plenty of wet nappies which must be a good sign.

I have to admit though, welcome as the sunshine is, these are by far the least comfortable condition in which to feed. We are making each other very hot and sweaty during feeds, I am aware that my two t-shirt (one up, one down) approach for feeding out and about is adding to my general body temperature and she’s more sicky than usual – I can only assume it’s because she is drinking more than she would normally but her little tummy can’t necessarily hold the volume so what’s not needed comes back up. The washing pile is a permanent fixture on my kitchen floor…

I’ve been thinking ahead this week, remembering that I stopped feeding my first daughter at about 9 months because I was returning to work and leaving her at nursery. We put her on to formula as we thought we had no choice for the daytime bottles. However, just before she went to nursery, she dropped her two daytime bottles and moved to having one first thing in the morning and one last thing at night. If our new addition is likely to do the same, I am thinking I might be able to feed her up to one year and then put her straight on to cow’s milk, thus avoiding the evil formula completely. (It’s probably worth saying here that this isn’t meant to be judgemental of those of you who do use formula, either in place of breast milk or as well as. Rather, I struggled with it personally, as I didn’t like the smell, the mess and the hassle of sterilising everything when breastfeeding had previously been so straightforward.) Anyway, we shall see how weaning goes and how hungry she is and make a call nearer the time. For now, I am going to try laying us both down in the garden, in the shade, and try to stay as cool as possible for our next feed!


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