Hotting up!

Well, how nice to finally see the summer arrive. Much as I love this weather, it does bring its own set of challenges – me and the little person are getting very hot and bothered during feeds and that’s making madam fussy which, in turn, makes feeding out and about a little difficult. I’m all for feeding in public without feeling inhibited but it’s another thing when there’s a small wailing person hovering about a foot away from your boob, attracting maximum amounts of attention and leaving nothing at all to any onlooker’s imagination…

It seems the easiest option in this weather is to set up camp just inside the patio doors at home and feed in comfort with minimal clothing and some much needed nappy-free time for the little one. I’m delighted to have experienced these new-found complications (I never really had warm weather with my first-born as she was a winter baby and we didn’t really get a Spring or Summer the year after) just before I have the challenge of a family wedding next weekend and the joys of feeding in my new posh dress…although I’ve chosen it carefully with this in mind, I suspect things will be more complicated than I would like…

I can’t believe how much I need to drink in this weather to stay hydrated. It’s really hard to stay on top of it especially as feeds are also more frequent. I’m trying to remember that the boob is her fluid as well as her food and drink as much as I can so she can hydrate too.

This weekend was officially the earliest I could start weaning – in fact I did with my first, giving her fruit and veg puree as soon as she was 17 weeks. Not sure whether it’s because this one’s my second and last baby but I feel she is still too little so I’m waiting a while longer.

Weaning is a real milestone in the feeding journey – by no means the end of the boob but undoubtedly (if things are anything like they were with my first-born) a step change in the way we feed. Last time round I ended up feeding weaning foods first and following on with boob, obviously also doing a couple of boob feeds in between and at night. I found this worked best for me otherwise baby was cracking on with the milk feed and then had no room left for food so we were getting nowhere fast. I need to do some serious planning and cooking before too long to make sure I have a good selection of tastes and flavours to begin with. Our oldest is a really good eater so I would like to stick to the same “recipe” as last time (forgive the pun!) for weaning.

Lots to do…it’s hotting up!


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