Wrinkles and creases

I’m delighted to announce the arrival of a pair of lovely “extra” creases in my little one’s thighs this week. That probably ranks as one of the most unusual opening lines you’ve read, but to us breastfeeding mummies, extra creases, spare tyres, rolls of podgy flesh are all trophies in their own right. My bouncing bubba – who now weighs 12lb 12oz (still comparably smaller than her older sister who was at least a pound heavier at this stage) – is a living and growing example of my very own handiwork. It makes the broken nights and current inability to do anything on my own (I even had to sing baby friendly songs while I showered this morning) worthwhile.

At 16 weeks, we are now fast approaching weaning time. It’s crazy to think this initial phase is nearly passed, I no longer have a “newborn”, my little one is starting to be more and more aware. Feeding becomes tricky at this stage as baby is inevitably getting bigger, needing more sustenance and I think when they’re this close to needing food to go on growing, that inevitably means they are taking maximum amounts from poor old mum. But we’re still well equipped to deal with this, if not as well equipped for the broken nights. My little bundle of joy is still waking every three hours for night feeds, although she has recently started going to bed at around 7pm which has given us our precious evenings back. But, while she is gaining creases, I am fast gaining wrinkles.

We found out last night that some very good friends are expecting their first baby. Such happy news which led us to reminisce about those exciting times when everything is new.

We reflected on how much our lives have changed and again I was reminded how short a time this journey lasts for. Despite starting to feel the broken nights at the moment, I am seeing my little one grow and develop in front of my eyes – now so much more aware of where her next meal is coming from, I am also now getting little sideways glances as she feeds, a little grin developing until she realises she can’t grin and suck at the same time and hurriedly returns to the job at hand. Also, the distraction is starting, head whipping round at the slightest noise, often taking a piece of me with it…ouch….my breastfeeding necklace will start to come into its own now hopefully (check out babybeads.co.uk for more on this)

Watching my eldest daughter “breastfeeding” her dolly (giving it some mummy bot-bot) made me realise what a major part of everyone’s life this feeding journey is…but also made me wonder how quickly we will forget all about it as we are caught in the inevitable march towards toddler number two. I hope my blog will serve as a living reminder of the little details that soon pass by.



2 thoughts on “Wrinkles and creases

  1. I always look forward to your blog. I too am near the same stage as you, my little boy is 14 weeks and has been exclusively breastfed since sorting his tongue tie and although there have been times when things have been difficult, I am so glad that I perservered with it and I do catch myself looking at him thinking I’ve turned him into the big strong healthy boy he is today. His sleeping routine may not be what I’d like,( he spends far too much time in our bed) But it’s good to know that mummy has got him off to the best start. Thank you Mummyem for keeping me sane with your advice and making me feel like I’m not the only one. XGem and Edward

    • Hi Gemma and Edward, so glad the blog has been interesting and a help to you. Well done to you both for such a successful BF journey. I was so pleased to get your comment as this is the reason I wrote the blog. Made me get goosebumps to think I helped :-))) x

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