Step change?

I thought I’d write an extra entry this week as it really feels as though our three-month milestone has brought a step-change with it. I can sense a difference in my little one’s feeding – she’s attacking every ‘mealtime’ with gusto and is latching on for longer periods, especially towards the end of the day before potentially sleeping for longer periods at night.

Of course, with every day and week that passes, she’s getting bigger and stronger so it’s inevitable that she will want more and more sustenance. I think three months is a common time for people to give up with breastfeeding and, whilst I believe in “each to their own”, I do think it’s sad if people stop because they assume they can’t satisfy their baby. Your milk changes all the time to meet baby’s needs so the milk they are getting now will be more calorific that it was when they were newborn. It is, of course, inevitable that eventually they will want more to sustain them – we are now, unbelievably, only four or five weeks away from  being able to introduce fruit and vegetable puree although this doesn’t need to be done before six months if baby is happy to remain with milk alone.

The feeding that is taking place this week feels a lot like a growth spurt, with a bit of fussing on the boob, explosive poops and very frequent demands for food. It’s also been very muggy and warm today which has led to me feeling that all I have done is respond to my little one’s demands – to the point where I couldn’t even finish my half hour walk without popping in to a local friendly church cafe to top her up!

It’s a difficult time for a breastfeeding mum because you do feel as though you are running to keep up all the time and I think there’s also a feeling of starting to miss your independence and ability to go off for a hair appointment or out for a run whenever you want to. Of course, expressing and trying your little one on a bottle of breast milk is a good way to free up time – and something I haven’t yet managed with number two daughter. I will need to get around to this pretty quickly though as our family wedding is looming and it falls on the weekend on my birthday too. I’d really like to go out for an uninterrupted grown-up meal with hubby so will need to leave some milk in case of emergency!

I’ve even started to notice her taking more of an interest in the world around her – something that has led to a lot of wriggling and some toe-curling moments for me as she whips her head around to get a better view!

I guess this post is a bit of a ‘shout out’ to those of you with little ones of a similar age – keep doing what you are doing, there is a real sense of achievement to getting to the six-month weaning milestone and still being a breastfeeding mum. Just think of the difficulty of those early days – you’ve got past all that discomfort and you’re now an established feeder. There aren’t many more months of your little bundle surviving solely on your milk so enjoy these precious moments.


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