New experiences

Not much blogging from me lately as we have had a lovely week away in a cottage in Dorset, followed by a weekend of camping – a first for our new addition. Despite the weather doing its best to thwart us, we all enjoyed the break and, even though it was a bit of a busman’s holiday for myself and hubby, I think we learned some interesting new things about the kids as we were in some different environments. 

We’ve always been quite regimented about sleep and bedtime routines in our house: something which has stood us in good stead as we now have a toddler who goes to bed with minimal fuss and sleeps through the night, all being well. Our newbie has yet to establish any clear routines or a clear bedtime, something which is beginning to worry me given that we are getting into her fourth month…but that’s for another time. She is, however, giving us six or seven hour stretches between feeds at night so I guess you have to take the good with the bad.

We’ve really had both extremes when it comes to feeding and sleeping this past week. Having had two blissful nights of just one night time feed, last night I was woken pretty much every hour. Our little one has a cough and cold and, I suspect, is also mid-growth spurt as she is feeding for longer periods and almost every feed is invariably followed by an explosive poop! The feeding and pooping has been so pronounced I was a little worried she had a tummy bug. It’s pretty hard to know if a breastfed baby has diarrhoea but, unless it’s serious and they are risking dehydration or losing weight, the best thing is to feed as often as they want anyway, so I carried on responding to her every demand. At 13 weeks, she is right in the middle of a classic growth spurt period, so in the absence of any more symptoms, I will put my money on that being the cause.

I’ve been pleased with how well both children coped with changes to their environment – both slept really well when camping – almost to the point where I am tempted to sell the house and live in a tent full time! I guess we were more relaxed about what time they went to sleep and maybe that rubbed off on them but on the second night, both were fast asleep by just after 7.30pm, even with all the noise of a busy campsite and it being broad daylight.

Even though it was nice to let the routines flex a little while we were away, I am going to try to focus on getting into some daytime napping routines this week as I strongly believe this will help with night time sleeping – we badly need our evenings back for some adult time, so it’s time a certain little person started going to bed a little earlier than 9pm!!!

Wish me luck!



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