Weighing in

Weighing in time has come around again and, after nearly three months I can now see quite clearly the growth line my little one is following. It’s easy to get hung up on comparisons, between siblings as well as friends’ babies, which isn’t always healthy as any weight gain is positive and babies are all individuals. My little one is busy proving that concept as she is firmly placed on the 25th centile – where big sister was always on the 75th! Incredible to see how different they can be. But, she’s gaining weight slowly and steadily so all is good. She definitely has a different approach to feeding to my first-born, who would never refuse a feed, always feed both sides and pretty much flake out, milk-drunk afterwards. When this little one cries it’s not always for food, she’s rarely, if ever, milk-drunk and, more often than not, she feeds one side only. But, she’s obviously efficient as she’s already doing four to five hour stretches at night so I am just following her lead.

There’s not been much blogging from me recently as I’ve been researching and writing an article on breastfeeding for my local NCT magazine. As a result I’ve spoken to a number of lovely ladies and heard all about their breastfeeding journeys. It’s been an eye-opening experience: I’ll share the article once it’s been published as it’s always good to have an insight into the challenges and triumphs being faced by others.

More soon….


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