Time marches on…

I can’t believe my little monkey is nearly three months old already. The realisation came at the weekend when my husband remarked that we will soon need to get out the 3-6 month clothes we have stored for her. It was a timely reminder not to take things for granted and to enjoy every precious moment while she is still so little.

Feeding is pretty much established now, in that she and I both know what we’re doing, my body seems to understand how much milk is needed and she seems to be putting on good amounts of weight. But we’re still not there with a routine, I think that will come in another month or possibly more. She seems to be waking every three hours or so throughout the night. It’s a frequency which is manageable but I did have a couple of lovely nights when she slept from 10pm until 3am and then woke again at 6am, giving me a lovely night’s sleep and helping me recoup some of my energy.

It’s very easy to wish away these early months, hoping for the elusive ‘sleeping through’ but actually, I don’t think little babies have big enough tummies to allow them more than about five hours between feeds. My little one wants to cluster feed in the afternoon and early evening which leads to a frustrating few hours, when my toddler is at her most demanding and our new addition chooses to scream unless she has a boob in her mouth. Not a pleasant way to spend an evening as, for at least some of the time, leaving her screaming is the only option…but, from experience, I know it is just a phase. I tell myself every day to enjoy these months; scarily, we are already nearly half way through the “exclusive breastfeeding” period, as weaning will creep up on us and her feeding habits will change again. But, when the screaming starts and I am tired at the end of the day, it’s really hard to remember to think positively. It’s easy to wish someone else could share this responsibility and I could sit, in a vegetative state in front of the TV….whatever happened to having nothing to do???

But every now and again, I get a freak night of extra sleep as our little one lasts out the extra hour or so, and toddler sleeps just a half hour longer than normal in the morning. And then I am semi-refreshed (which is as good as it gets these days) and ready to go again. Focused on the wonderful gift I am giving my little bundle, all the goodness she is getting and all the lovely cuddles that come with our feeding times.

Let’s face it, there will be plenty of time for TV and vegging out but I won’t always have this little warm bundle, sighing contentedly as she fills up on milk and precious mummy-time.


3 thoughts on “Time marches on…

  1. Time flies with children, it only seems like last week and my friends and I we discussing our annual Christmas get together (which takes a long of arranging with some many children), now it’s summer!

    I have three children, one at school, one at preschool and my little girl will start nursery soon- not sure how I feel about that. My time breastfeeding was such a great time, even with mastitis.


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