Strike a pose!

I always chuckle to myself when I latch my little one on for a feed and, after a few short sucks, her eyebrows shoot up as she tastes the milk. Given that she doesn’t exactly have an extensive diet at the moment, I always wonder whether this ‘surprise’ means she forgets the taste or the satisfaction between feeds…

And this led me to thinking about the various amusing positions both my babies have got themselves into during feeding.

There’s the over-dramatic back-of-hand-on-forehead pose, used by both children, and seemingly conveying that life is about all they can handle with all the feeding, sleeping and squawking that they have to contend with… My first-born was always keen on “jazz hands” feeding – her hands either side of her face, fingers splayed out – as they are not often in small babies – another hint at her tendencies towards the dramatic which are now becoming increasingly evident in toddler-hood.

One of my favourite expressions has to be the rolling eyes as the heavenly taste and sensation of drinking hits home. I always feel such satisfaction when I see this expression, how lovely for them to be experiencing such clear delight – all is well with their little world, they have mummy close by and milk flowing freely.

Our latest addition sometimes opts for a less relaxed approach. In her mounting excitement at the approach of the boob, she shakes her head from side to side, mouth open, searching for the latch a bit like a shark when attempting to rip apart its prey. Often, this pose is accompanied by teeny tiny punching fists, desperate to ensure their owner gets to the milk. Given the state of a shark infested feeding frenzy, I’m never as relaxed when I see this behaviour….

Both children have also been big fans of the superhero pose – both arms stretched above their head, tiny fists clenched as if about to launch themselves on a life-saving mission. Ah but milk must come first, so I’ll just remain here for a while imagining I’m a super hero….

One of my other favourites, not least because it’s usually closely followed by a sleepy baby, is the total relaxation pose – arms flopped in abandon across my boob with full focus on taking long, deep draws on the milk. Not a care in the world. What a lovely life to lead.


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