Staying focused

I’ve mentioned before that support for breastfeeding mums is key to continued successful feeding. I’m lucky that my local area runs several support groups and I often attend these sessions even if I don’t have a particular feeding problem. Sometimes it’s just nice to go and sit in a room with other feeding mums, have a natter and it’s amazing what you learn about others’ experiences. It also serves me well to revisit some of the important techniques to getting the latch right – it’s very easy for laziness to creep in now that we have our feeding pattern well established. However, getting lazy with the latch is never good and I have found you don’t get away with it for long before things start to get uncomfortable and then a host of problems can threaten.



My little one is a great feeder, much less fussy than her older sister was, which has made for a more straightforward journey this time round. But she does like to wriggle herself off the latch, I suppose to a more comfortable position for her mouth and then suckle away while I find myself wincing in discomfort. It’s hard to do, but I always take her off, re-position and re-latch when this happens. Sometimes this can lead to a fussy feed and she ends up extra-windy with all the on-again, off-again activity, but it’s not worth risking me getting damaged or sore.

Her latest trick is to detach herself completely and lay there lapping with her tongue like a contented little kitten! Little monkey, more like. It’s all very well but we both end up soaked with milk and it’s hardly a discreet way of feeding when we’re out and about!

I’m currently researching an article for my regional NCT magazine about breastfeeding and it’s reminding me that there are so many different experiences and stories out there. Through the feedback I am getting from this blog and the other writing I have done related to breastfeeding, I have heard some wonderfully rewarding stories which only serve to increase my respect and admiration for all us mums!


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