We’ve been for our six-week check up this week, and all seems to be going to plan. Despite baby screaming her way through the examination and me spending the entire time chasing my toddler around, eventually having to lock the doctor’s door to stop her escaping, everything was pronounced ‘normal’. Not a word I would be using to describe anything about my little family this week.

I’ve noticed my milk supply has settled down. I’m not waking up with footballs attached to my front, I can have a shower without spray-coating the tiles at the same time and my little one seems to be doing more drinking and less choking and spluttering. I can remember being worried at this stage last time round that there wasn’t enough milk any more – my boobs felt a bit empty and, in a strange way, I missed the fit-to-burst feeling and over abundance of milk. But it’s not the case – even though you don’t feel there’s much milk, baby will still be getting plenty and they will be more efficient at feeding too. It’s just the pair of you getting ever more in tune with each others’ needs and your body adjusting to a normal, ongoing supply of milk.

That said, I am sure there’s another growth spurt around the corner and the order to increase supplies will be placed, leading to more comedy spraying and footballs up my jumper. I’m learning that everything to do with parenting and babies is a phase. It’s always a good thing to remind yourself of when worrying about the latest change or development – it’ll no doubt be different again soon – nature seems to know how to take the right course and keep everything on track.


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