Holed up

My poor little milk monster is coming down with a cold so, after a rough night, our plans for today are cancelled and we are settled on the sofa cuddling and feeding for the day. I am trying to cram as much goodness down my neck as possible to get maximum nutrients into my milk and am hoping that her cold doesn’t get too heavy and start to impact feeding.

I’ve heard that respiratory illnesses can be one of the trickiest times for breastfeeding babies as a blocked nose can cause problems for baby and mums who are already worrying about their poorly bundle start to fret that they are not getting enough food. I once went on a baby first aid course and the paramedic running it told us that babies under 6 months can only breathe through their nose and not their mouth. If that’s the case it brings home how difficult having a cold can be for a small baby. I’m going to head to the chemist later and get some saline spray to squirt up her nose and some “snot suckers” (probably not the official name for them!) to try to ease her suffering in this pre-calpol phase of her life!

My top tips for feeding when baby has a cold are:

– try to use a more upright position to help their breathing (either under your arm like a rugby ball sitting up and facing your boob or lean yourself so that their head is higher than their tummy if possible);

– feed little and often if baby is struggling and latching on and off, let them have more frequent, shorter feeds if you can (pay extra attention to your latch if this is happening as you will easily get sore if baby is frequently on and off and not latching properly);

– if baby has gunky eyes with their cold, drip some breast milk on their eye lids. Breast milk, somewhat bizarrely, seems to have healing properties. I always did this with baby number one and I don’t think she has ever had a case of conjunctivitis. I’ve also seen some forums where mums are suggesting breast milk up baby’s nose instead of the saline solution to help clear a blocked nose…can’t vouch for this one personally but wouldn’t be at all surprised if it did work!!

Here’s hoping that summer arrives soon and gives us some much needed warmth and vitamins…


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