New tricks?

Phew! It’s been a whirlwind week with plenty of visitors, appointments for various check-ups for the little one and a weekend spent with hubby laid up with flu – which meant me flying solo for the first time with two small and demanding people!!

Our little newby is doing well though, putting on good amounts of weight and looking as though she may join her older sister at around the 75th centile on the growth chart. Cue lots of metaphorical patting myself on the back and smiling with pride at my ‘gold top’ contribution.

I’ve had a few days where my boobs have been a bit over-full. This engorgement can be uncomfortable to say the least and needs to be dealt with as soon as possible as, if left, could lead to blocked ducts and the risk of mastitis. I used warm flannels (microwaved to get a bit of extra heat in them). I also identified fairly early on that my feeding bra wasn’t as comfortable as it should be and, sure enough, a quick check on google revealed that a badly fitting bra could well be at fault here. I immediately swapped for a trusty old version from last time round and have not had any more problems.

I’ve also realised that there are lots of new tricks related to feeding with which I need to become accustomed. Feeding during the day is now almost always accompanied by ‘fending’. That is, using my free arm to hold my eldest at bay, thus protecting my little one’s head and ensuring I stay firmly acquainted with my nipple. The trick to success here is not to let on that you are ‘fending’ but to disguise it as ‘cuddling’ or couple it with pointing at various books or toys in a vain attempt to distract…

My multitasking reached new heights one evening after my little bundle woke up and demanded milk just as I was in the middle of cooking dinner. As her demanding was quite loud and it was very close to our toddler’s bedtime, I was keen to oblige asap. I picked her up and latched her on whilst continuing to stir fry the chicken. Hubby came down from putting number one child to bed and was suitably impressed by my dexterity and skill. I basked in my moment of ‘capable wife and mother’ but, beneath my pride was the knowledge that, unless I could quickly perfect the art of levitation, I was unlikely to deliver on the next stage of the recipe: slicing onions.

Feeding also seems often to be paired with compromise in our house. Despite my seeming ability to multitask, there are times when my little one is having such a long, satisfying feed that I am loathe to move too much for fear of disturbing her. One evening, I was feeding whilst getting our toddler’s bath ready. She was enjoying some nappy free time (incidentally, she is really the only one who actually ‘enjoys’ this time – the rest of us run round frantically trying to avoid puddles on the floor) and decided to climb onto her bed with a pack of wipes. Despite my pleading with her to sit on the floor or, even better, a towel, she stayed firmly on the bed and proceeded to empty said pack of wipes and wipe all her teddies bottoms with them. Sitting less than two feet away, I first marvelled at my lack of ability to really do anything at all, then reasoned with myself that, in the event of a wee I could change the bed and consoled myself that wipes were only wipes and could easily be replaced.

My, how things change in the course of a couple of weeks…


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