To sleep or not to sleep…

The night before last saw a major toddler malfunction. At 0430am, no less, we were greeted by the, admittedly very cute, gobbledegook ramblings of our little one, wide awake and, apparently telling all her teddies about the new Gro clock and how the star was out which meant it was nighttime…lots of “shhhhhh-ing” and “star”. After around 45 minutes of this, I decided to go in and see if I could settle her. Once she had given me the potted story of the star and “shhhh” I pointed out that she was indeed correct and therefore needed to lay down, actually “shhhh” and go to sleep.

Today is my due date and no sign of any baby so far…not sure anyone has let the new arrival in on the fact that it should really be putting in an appearance about now. Some of my friends think that, whilst baby number one is a little unsettled at night, my body (or mind) won’t give way to labour. It’s an interesting school of thought and I can see some logic but I’m not sure we are going to have much choice as we seem to be stuck with the unsettled sleeping and early starts.

I think my main concern is that of ‘tag-teaming’ – once baby number two has arrived and is needing feeds throughout the night, it is entirely conceivable that we will end up awake all night long if both our darling bundles decide to wake at different times. I’m consoling myself with the memory that getting less sleep is actually easier when you are in the middle of a period of less sleep. In other words, as your little one gets older and sleeps for longer, you get used to getting your zzzz’s again and then your body definitely finds it harder to revert to broken nights.

I was reminiscing with some other mums at a bumps and babies group this week and they reminded me of the feeding wake-up calls – that amazing and almost primeval link between you and your baby. I used to wake up a few minutes before my little one would wake for her milk, with a tingling sensation (officially known as ‘let-down’ I believe) as the milk gets ready to flow again. Those middle of the night feeds are precious times to be treasured. Sitting in the semi darkness, bundle hugged in tight, half asleep but still amazed by your wonderful new addition and then the satisfaction of putting them back down totally satisfied, milk-drunk and deep in slumber again.

I will concede that this is potentially a more romantic scenario when a small toddler isn’t about to burst into the room as baby drifts off announcing that the star is out so we all need to ‘shhhhh’….but such is life, and I still can’t wait to do it all again.


1 thought on “To sleep or not to sleep…

  1. Loving your blog. it is bringing back all the memories and would certainly be a support if I was going for Number 2. xxx

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