A waiting game…

After today, I will be the most pregnant I have ever been. My last little one arrived just after 39 weeks – the equivalent of today for this pregnancy. I can confess to being a little disappointed that it’s gone 9am and still no signs…but I need to get myself back in to the frame of mind where I no longer have control over what happens when…the joys of the newborn months. The tiniest person controls your life, morning and night, assuming of course that you subscribe to the “on demand” style of parenting where feeding and sleeping take place as and when they are needed and routines are only looked for once baby is a good few months older.

Our 18-month-old is currently busy upsetting all the careful routines we have in place for her. With immaculate timing, she has developed a disturbed sleep pattern for the last week or so. Just when I need her to be settled and at least a little bit predictable, it’s all gone out of the window. I know it will only be a phase as, on the whole, she is a good sleeper, but the question is, how long will this phase last and is the new baby going to arrive right in the thick of things…?

We’ve given in a fair few times recently and brought her into our bed, but today is the day I head to good old John Lewis and buy a Gro-Clock. I’ve been recommended one of these – a clock which indicates whether it is “officially” morning or night time using an image of the sun or the moon – by a number of fellow exhausted parents and I think, despite my misgivings that she may still be a little young to understand the concept of rewards and sticker charts, I think we will go for one of those too in a desperate attempt to settle things down before we have another, better, sleep disruptor joining the household.

I popped down to my local breastfeeding support group yesterday, feeling a bit of a gatecrasher without my new addition as yet, but it was lovely to catch up with some old and new faces. It seemed strange to say “see you next week” not knowing whether I would be one or two in number. However, knowing they are all there, ready and waiting, is a great comfort as they will undoubtedly form an important part of my support network again once baby has arrived.


2 thoughts on “A waiting game…

  1. I completely get that impatient thing. I am 36 weeks pregnant and very frustrated at knowing / not knowing when this little bundle is going to arrive. I’ve only been able to take a month off work and so if she’s two weeks late that seriously eats into my time off! But, like you, I must let go and accept that I have no control over the situation.

    • Hi Lee, you’re nearly there too then, I can imagine the pressure you feel with the business to run as well! Hopefully your little one will be on time! I was lucky I didn’t have to wait last time and that may have spoilt me somewhat!! Can’t get impatient until the official due date next Tuesday though! Good luck to you xx

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