It’s all in the preparation…

So, yesterday was the official ‘one month to go’ date – due date for our second bundle of joy is 5th March. I spent the day buying bits and bobs for my hospital bag and got myself measured for some feeding bras. Having thought I would recycle and make use of the ones I used last time, typically, my measurements are completely different this time round. But the presence of not one but two consonants in my bra size made me grin as I remembered I can now look forward to a fulsome figure in all the right places while feeding.

It’s interesting to note my different approach to preparing for breastfeeding second time around. First time, there was lots of preparing my body – various creams and lotions being applied to soften – or toughen – those vital parts! This time, I wonder if I should be concerned that I seem much more focused on preparing my mind…it seems developments like my 17 month old suddenly becoming interested in mummy’s boobies (lots of pointing and ooh-ing or looking down my top) are making me think feeding a new baby could have some interesting angles second time around…I think this change in approach comes from knowing more about the emotional aspects of feeding. How much hormones play a part in those very early days, how important it is to speak to others, whether family, friends or your support network of experts about how things are going and where you need help and guidance. But also, not to forget, that wonderfully fulfilling emotional reaction when your baby is ‘milk-drunk’, flopped on your shoulder after a good feeding session.

Over the coming month I’m hoping to get my blog established, I want to add some links that might be useful to others embarking on their own breastfeeding journeys, and also give some pointers to useful pre-feeding purchases such as creams and cushions etc. I’m not a medical expert obviously but I can share what I learnt first time round and I really hope you find it useful.


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